SoftAxe Wiper Blades

 What are unique?



  • Superior blade-to-windshield contact
  • Consistent streak-free wiping
  • Water and dust repelling surface
  • Acidic, alkaline material and salt resistant
  • All weather all season



SoftAxe aerodynamic design keep blades closely contact with glass. Actually, it adjust the wind pressure into stable forces of blade pressure and prevent chattering in high speed driving.

The integrated design make the distribution of forces more even on the glass which would not only make the glass more clean without streak but also help to protect the rubber for a longer life.

Rubber and coating

One essential part of the wipers are Omi rubber blades, ours are Grade A natural rubber with anti-aging Teflon coating make blades well protected against heat, cold, UV, salt, acid and adverse conditions.


Our special designed connectors offers easy and reliable solutions for you, whatever the model of your car is. The special designed adapters make our wipers compatible to 99.9% of cars on the road.

metal baseWe have many patent design for our connectors which make it compatible with more wiping arms while maintain high stability. In L series products, we use solid metal guider which make the connector firm and stable in whatever weather conditions.


steelBelieve it or not, one of the most important part of wipers is not blades. Yes, the spring steel is the back bone of wiper blades. Our super memory elastic Mn alloy steel make the blades closely contacting with glass all life time.

To summarize, SoftAxe uses advanced aerodynamic design and best rubber, steel. Our wiper blades must pass aging and speed function test of 500,000 times operation.

Our manufacturing lines is No. 1 wiper blades factory in the world, which also supplying wipers to worldwide European brand OEM automobile factories.

 Process Control

We have a ISO/TS16949 certified factory with 800 people and a revenumachinee over $9 million.

We have industry leading production and testing equipment.

Quality assurance is implemented before a new product is launching and it is monitored and controlled in all material purchasing, designing, production and packaging process.

Our high quality products is a natural result of our management and control efforts.

Most of our customers will never try new sources once they use our wiper blades.


SoftAxe  Wipers is one division of Auto parts business, Omega Hi-Tech, which provides superior solution to our customers all over the world.

We are providing green and superior value auto products and service to our customers.

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We respect, involve and share our path with our distributors, agents and end customers for all win solutions.


SoftAxe Superior Functions

good size

SoftAxe  wiper blades have another name: Scruwipeaner. Why? It is a strange word, isn’t it? Traditional wiper blades are just designed for wiping off rain water on the windscreen. Omi scruwipeaners are different. Actually Omi SoftAxe products are combination of following four functions:

1. Scanning

With stable circling movement, we scan and check the outstanding objects on the screen and lock down our barriers.

2. Rubbing.

Our wipers rub the objects repeatedly, and with cooperation of special formula soften water, we get the sticking base of object shaved and softened.

3. Wiping.

With soaking and softening of dirts and material on the screen, we wipe it off by several more scrubbing operation.

4. Cleaning.

After the material and objects being wiped off, some debris or residues would remain on the surface of the windscreen. Our special designed blades would use it down rubber broom to do the final cleaning which would make your windshield as clear as new. So now you should know why it is called scruwipeaner: Scannning+rubbing+wiping+cleaning+er= scruwipeaner.

Scruwipeaner, a name hard to remember.

A. Standard Orders

order details

Do you want order in an efficient and optimized way? Order a package below.

 1.Package A: $90 for 25 pieces of T150.

Packing List: 14″*2;16″*2; 18″*4, 19″*2; 20″*4;21″*3;22″*4;24″*4;

 2. Package B : $150 for 25 pieces of A290.

 Packing list: 16″*2; 18″*3, 19″*2; 20″*3;21″*2;22″*4;24″*4;26″*3;28″*2

3. Package C: $220 for 25  pieces of C360

Packing list: 14″*2;16″*2; 18″*4, 19″*2; 20″*4;21″*2;22″*4;24″*2;26″*2;28″*1;

We will arrange delivery within 3 working days after we receiving your payment. We will send you original invoice, packing list together with the goods. If you order before July 15, tax waived.

B. Selective Orders

Starting from $1.39 per piece , our wiper blades can also be ordered selectively as per your specific demand on models and sizes.

There are only 3 steps:

Step 1 of 3.  Inquiry

If you have interest in any of our products, check with us now by email, phone call, or any means.

Step 2 of 3. Order confirmation

Upon receiving of your request, we will confirm and give you a quotation.  Confirm back if everything in order is correct.

Step 3 of 3. Pay and Receive

This is last step for you. Upon receiving of our invoice by email, You can pay the invoice via: paypal or  intermec etransfer

or   other payment method such as wire transfer, bank check, cash but since they will involve additional efforts and costs, please confirm with us first.  We will arrange delivery from our Toronto warehouse within 3 working days after receiving your payment. We will send you original invoice, packing list together with the goods.   Be prepared for receiving and starting your business within 3 days!  

C.VIP orders

We do not sell to end users due to the nature of our business. But we don’t reject group orders from our VIP group customers. If you can form up a VIP group, you can get our VIP price. Remarks: Current VIP group order MOQ is 10 pieces and limited to customers within GTA only.

A. Which sizes are for my car?



When you buy a wiper blade, you must choose right size. But how to check the wiper blades size of your car?

1.  Measure.

If your wiper blade length is 18″, then the size is 18″, if it is 24″, then it is 24″.  Easy?

2.  Compare

Why bother to check and measure? Bring you used one. Buy a new with same length.

3.   Search

If you want to search the size by your car brand and model, use the following link:

SoftAxe Size Dictionary


B. Which model should I buy?

Actually it depends on your interest and expectation, just like buying a pair of new shoes. All models should work for you well, and it is up to to make a choice.

With different material and technology, there are still some difference in terms of material, style, function and cost.

Which model should I order?

Actually it depends on your interest and expectation, just like buying a pair of new shoes. All models should work for you well, and it is up to to make a choice.

With different material and technology, there are still some difference in terms of material, style, function and cost.

3 series of wipers blades are now available to you:

1. Traditional T150


Features: compatible to all J hook, bayonet, screw and side pin arms, 95% of cars

Material: galvanized steel frame, stainless spring steel, Natural rubber with graphite coating, POM connector

Advantages: Traditional  balance frame, solid structure, long history design, reliable performance

Sizes available: 14″-26″


2. Advanced A290


Features:  universal connector compatible to all U hook, bayonet and side pin arms, 95% of cars

Material:stainless steel flexitor, natural rubber with Teflon coating, POM connector

Advantages: Advanced aero-dynamic design, stable during high speed, all weather structure, Soft-hard co-extrusion technology

Size available: 16″-28″

3. Luxury L360


Features: Connector compatible to 95% of cars. With adapters *, compatible to 99% of cars

Material: high performance material structure, Teflon coating Natural Rubber; Zinc-Alloy connector

Advantages:Luxury high performance material, powerful and quiet, anti-uv and snow/ice friendly design;  reliable and longer life

Size available: 16″-28″


Our Advantages

Why SoftAxe wiper blades have become so popular in both Europe and North America?
  We do not know the answer.

As an industrial leader, we do care about the quality of our products. Using 6 sigma methodology,  we reduce defects and waste in production and supply chain.  That’s why   a lot of customers told us that  we are very competitive. 

We believe our customers are right.

1. Quality.

Quality offers confidence and assurance.It is our life and future. With ISO TS16949 quality system, we control the quality before, during and after production.

If you find any quality criteria of SoftAxe wiper blades are not as good as we said, or not better than our competitor’s, return them to us and we will pay you double money you spent. 

2. Service.

We offer free consultation, free replacement, free return service. If you could find a supplier offer more favorite terms for you. We will match them.

3. Price

If you can find a sale price lower than ours (for the same or similar products with same quality), we will not only match it, but also agree to buy all of them at that price.

4. Product

1. Powerful

Power comes from not from slogans or empty promises, it comes from material anddesign. Thailand produced natural rubber, Taiwan manufactured steel, patent connectors and rivet design, galvanized steel frame, stainless spring steel, all these make SoftAxe wiper blades a real Axe to chopping any barriers or obstacles on your screen.

2. Clean

Advanced aero-dynamic design, stable during high speed, all weather structure, Soft-hard co-extrusion technology makes SoftAxe wiper blades leading the cleaning capability in the whole industry. That is why have another name called Scruwipeaner. We are qualified supplier for major European brands and many North America Cars.

3. Durable

Omi SoftAxe wiper is the only product in the market with metal base for superior connector. Omi SoftAxe products are made and delivered directly from one of the best windshield factory in the world which has been an approved supplier of some most famous European brands on the road.

Our products are deemed more reliable than any other brands.Omi integrated aerodynamic design makes outstanding blade-to-windshield contact and keeps your windscreen being clean and clear. All our wipers meet the standard of 500,000 times operation.

Omi specially Teflon coated blades with exclusive MoS2 rubber compound reduce frictions drastically and provide long lasting durability and consistent streak-free wiping.

4.  All weather

Extreme weather could bring many safety concerns. Our all-in-one design provides no gaps for snow or ice blogging. No sticking in freezing winter even it is minus 50 degree cold.

Omi SoftAxe (R)  Teflon treated natural rubbers with superior resistance to erosion from acid, alkali or salt in winter, the anti-aging ABS blade cover make it UV proof under summer sunshine.


Tous les temps


Para todo tiempo



Your satisfaction is everything for us.
We will not be satisfied until you are satisfied.

                                   Q & A

1. What is the different between Soft Axe and other brands?

Quality. Quality is not just an empty effort from leaders or promise from sales rep, it is a result of many factors: manufacturing equipment, process management, raw material quality control, engineering capability, FMEA in new product development, six sigma methodology. It is solid and natural consequence of management.

2.Is your price too low?

We have many know-how to keep supply chain lean and efficient, so our cost is more competitive. We believer we can keep our competitive advantages and ensure it is a win-win business for all.

3. Is your price too high?

As we mentioned, raw material, equipment and process management are critical to quality. We never use recycled low quality material. We use most advanced assembly line. Our cost is a must have cost, so any price lower would mean less quality.

4. Why is your MOQ so low?

It is good, isn’t it?  We keep some of our inventory in Toronto warehouse so to reduce your risks, lead time and cost. We hope our operation model will benefit all parties in supply chain, you, end user and ourselves.

5.  Should I buy those more expensive ones? 

Yes, we understand some people judge goods by the price due to lacking of knowledge.  We hope you will not waste your money but it is up to you.

To be honest, many of high price brands are also made by our factories. They charge customer higher just because they have higher profit, marketing cost and less efficient supply chain.

 7. Can I just buy one piece?

Sorry, seldom do we sell one by one. please visit our retailers if possible.

 8. Can I be your retailer/agent?

Yes.  Of Course. You are our very target customers.

Let us work together.

We are confident we can compete with any competitors in the market.You can sell even if you do not have a store, everyone in your circle need best quality good price wiper blades.

We will offer you best  retailer price and technical support!

Contact us now!


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